A Graduation Mini-Break — an.item.explores

To celebrate Ruth’s MA graduation at Durham, we enjoyed a mini-break to the North East, visiting some old favourites, as well as discovering some stunning Rutland villages.

A Graduation Mini-Break — an.item.explores

King’s English Comes to Boonville — Anderson Valley Advertiser

Boonville resident Bob Abeles opened Wednesday night’s Community Services District Board meeting with a complaint about an email he got from the lawyer the District hired to prepare the contracts for the property owners who have agreed to provide water to the planned drinking water system that District has been working on for the last […]

King’s English Comes to Boonville — Anderson Valley Advertiser


In 1895,The lumiere brothers held the first film screening,in a room below and white images flickered on a silent screen,yet the audience was enthralled.The magic of the movies has continued ever since.technology developed rapidly;sound arrived in 1927,colour in the 1930, and today’s complex films often involve stunning special effects. Film production is now an international industry, generating great wealth and employing thousands worldwide.

When filming begins,a movie set is crowded with equipment,and each pice in the responsibility of a specific member of the crew.Between takes (sequences of filming),everyone works frantically to ensure that everything is adjected exactly as the director wants.Off the set,props,wardrobe,and make-up have their own staff on hand.



I am walking slowly

The birds are flying in the air very fast,’but i walk slowly

The train is running fast on the Railway line,’but i walk slowly,

The bus go to speed on the road,’but i walk slowly,

A cy cle man pedaling speed on the road ,’but i walk s lowly ,

A boy ran to his school,very fast,’but i walk slowly,

A Former work in his form too fast

But i went to slowly my aim.



The ozone layer.

The ozone layer in the stratosphere is protective in function. It filters the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.The ozone in this layer is contionuosly broken down and reformed; these two processes perfectly balance each other.Due to human activity this balance is upset leading to the thining of the ozone layer causing holes in the layer………………… The decrease in the amount of ozone in the stratosphere is called ozone depletion.


The hole formed in the ozone layer is due to chlorine and bromine being formed in the admosphere. the common forms are chloroflurocarbons,methylbromide and nitrogen oxides, which are released from freezers, airconditioners, aerosol products and industrial solvents.

Exposure to UV rays can have the following effects: In humans,it can cause skin cancer, cataracts poor immune response.In plants,it can affect crop yield and productivity. The UV RADIATION CAN ALSO CAUSE THE DEATH OF PHYTOPLANKTONS (PRODUCERS),yong fishes and larval forms.

Control Measures: controlling the production,use and emission of ozone depleting substances,recycling of chemicals and the adoption of measures of protection from the sun’radiation are some of the measures to control ozone depletion.

Stylish Outfit Packs A Solar Charging Rig — Hackaday

Being out and about with your devices rapidly running out of battery power can rapidly turn into a sticky situation. Suddenly you find yourself unable to hail rideshares and incapable of transferring money around. For the fashion conscious who wish to avoid this, [Kitty Yeung]’s design may be a valuable addition to their summer closet.…

Stylish Outfit Packs A Solar Charging Rig — Hackaday